Tips for Sizing an Accent Rug

Tips for sizing an accent rug

Getting the right size accent rug for your home means a little bit of forethought. It's not always easy to just pick out a quality accent rug online and get a product that will work inside that room. Here are some top tips for the best in measurements and how you can properly size an accent rug.

Opting for a larger size is usually best: An accent rug that is a little bit larger when you are choosing between a small rug that could work in just one corner of the room, is usually always the better choice. Opt for a larger style accent rug so that you can make a better impression with framing elements of the room.

Consider your furniture: an accent rug is supposed to be complementary for other items in the room and this means if you have a large sectional couch or a wide coffee table, you should consider furniture that suits these furniture items exactly.

Visualize based on the dimensions: if you can use painters tape or even a piece of string to market the area where the rug is going to sit, this can give you the best idea of exactly where the entire setup can be placed when it is completed.

Consider these tips when you are sizing and choosing the best accent rug.

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