The best new animal prints for your décor

The best new animal prints for your décor

The look of a modern animal print is one of the best ways that you can introduce a wild look for your home. More and more designers are utilizing wild animal prints as a fun and bright way to build up new styles inside a home. Here are some of the best animal prints you can consider for your home:

Zebra stripes: zebra stripes are considered to be one of the most versatile animal prints and they work in an excellent way for rugs, throw pillows and more. Zebra stripes are excellent because they really just employ two different colors and this leads to lots of chance for versatility with other decor elements.

Cow hide: this type of animal print has become extremely popular for many farmhouse style décor items. Cow hide looks excellent in art pieces, for throw pillows and in a number of interesting decor elements that you can use to adorn your home.

Tiger print: another stripes print that features a vintage color of orange and a series of very exciting colors, the tiger print also remains a favorite for designers because the animal commands excitement and an accent piece with Tiger print also commands real excitement in any room.

Vibrant color washed prints: sometimes for a single accent piece you need to make a real statement and this means modernizing many types of animal prints. This could mean anything from a blue zebra print to a bright purple Leopard spot print. Taking traditional animal prints entering the more vibrant is a huge trend that is starting.

Remember each one of these cool animal prints if you are working on your décor and you want to utilize this design style.

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