Balkan Kilims aka Pirot Kilims



Pirot is a town in Eastern Serbia neighbouring Bulgaria. Pirot is globally know with it's beautiful kilim rugs. There are many facts that makes Pirot kilims special but most important one of them is their extreme quality weavings, some Pirot kilims are woven so tight and thin that an unexperienced person may think they are fabrics. Pirot kilims are woven wool on wool or sometimes wool on cotton but wool on wool woven ones are considered higher quality. Red color is a must on Pirot rugs, red is always the main color. Any color could be used beside red but most common colors used are black,white,green and blue. There are all sizes of Pirot kilims from smallest to largest but they are mainly made in large sizes, specially the older ones, sometimes extra  large Pirot kilims could be found since they were made for the royal families and palaces specially in the first half of 20th century.

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