Made by nomad tribes who inhabit the Kirman Provinces in Persia, they are heavy, rather coarse carpets both as to texture and design. There are hosts of these area rugs in the market, but good ones are becoming scarce. They generally have a deep madder red background in which stars and even constellations ve wrought in white. In some of the old Beluchistans, as in the accompanying illustration, beautiful colouring is used in the geometrical design employed.

Beluchistan Area Rugs Beluch Kilims


   A deep web always extends in either end of this make of rug and is nearly always striped in dark colours, and sometimes, as in the illustration, a pattern is worked upon this striped web. The sheen of these rugs is one peculiar to themselves. With a pile like velvet and a silken  sheen falling over it, the good specimens are indeed beautiful and servet to tone down lighter rugs in a room.

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