How To Decorate With Kilims

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Kilim rugs are a unique design touch that features extreme contrast in harmony with any interior space. Not only can they be made to fit into any type of color scheme but they are usually sought after for many interior spaces because they become the focus of any room. Most Kilim rugs have at least one dominant color and this becomes one of the focal points of the room. Usually the goal of any designer is to create colors which either contrast or complement this main Kilim color.

By directly complementing the main color of this rug or creating a stark contrast from the rug you can create an extremely versatile design scheme that fits into almost any type of space. There aren't huge number of designs and various colors that make them perfect for decoration and they don't necessarily have to go on the floor either.

Unique or antique handmade Kilim rugs also look great when they are hung on the wall as art pieces. Adding Kilim rugs as a hanging piece could be a great way that you could incorporate more than one of these rugs and your room or potentially display a smaller rug that you might have as a large tapestry art piece.

Kilims are very versatile in the way that they can be placed in homes, workplaces offices, dining rooms and more. It doesn't particularly matter the style of room that you are decorating, these items specifically can change the room for the future and provide a beautiful decorative touch.

 Ultimately the big rule of thumb in decorating with Kilim style rugs is to trust your own instincts and your own individual sense of style. With a huge selection of different options available to home owners and business owners it's important to find a rug that you are passionate about. Because these handcrafted rugs can last for generations it is important to choose something you really like!

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