How to design a farmhouse bed

How to design a farmhouse bed

Farmhouse style decor is only becoming more popular in many design circles. One of the most popular rooms to do in the farmhouse style throughout the home today is the bedroom. As the bed is often one of the biggest focal points of the bedroom, here are some of the best ways that you can design a farmhouse bed:

Using plenty of pillows: A quality selection of throw pillows can be an excellent start at refining a farmhouse style bed and helping you to get a bed with many fabric layers in the farmhouse style.

A heavier style of reclaimed wood: heavier style reclaimed barn board is becoming one of the most popular ways to produce a bed that is designed expressly for a farmhouse style décor look. Usually to complement this heavier style of reclaimed wood you can also use items like wrought iron and more to bring an added depth to the piece.

Using heavier linens on the bed: A throw blanket such as a knitted afghan or a heavier style blanket can complement the look of heavier style barn board very well. Using lighter style fabrics and textiles even with throw pillows is usually something that can throw off this look.

Functional storage space: having functional storage space within the underside of farmhouse beds can often be a huge throwback to the ideas that farmhouse style are all about. The design of this type of furniture has always been one that's extremely functional and with the added storage space in the bed design, you can improve the look and function of the bed as a designer.

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