Yagcibedir Area Rugs



Yağcıbedir is a village in Western Anatolia well known for it's carpets. The inhabitants of the village are all Turkomans who were "Yörük" (nomad) few centuries ago but even though they are settled now they still keep their nomadic culture and traditions and ofcourse they reflect these to their beautiful carpets. Yağcıbedir area rugs are always made with wool on wool and the wool used on these rugs shines like a silk after using of several years, basically the older they get, the more beautiful they become. Dark red and dark blue colors are must on Yağcıbedir area rugs and white color is used as garniture mostly, some weavers use white almost as a main color rather than a garniture but is is very rare. Cone pattern used a lot on these rugs specially on borders, the nature around the village inspired the weavers because the region is full of pine trees. Star patterns also used a lot on Yağcibedir area rugs.

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