What is the goblen technique in pillowmaking

goblen goblen pillow

What is the goblen technique in pillowmaking?

The Goblen technique is a fairly ancient method for pillow making and sewn artwork. Rather than getting an image that is printed onto a pillow the Goblen Technique in pillow making insurers that the entire front of the image is completely created using only sewn fabrics.

In pillow making this represents an extensive amount of time and care. Even though Goblen style pillows can be created using automated machines, they still take an extensive amount of extra time in order to create them. Through the Goblen technique however pillows often last longer and have a much more authentic vintage look.

Throughout history sewing has been used as a means to capture a wide range of art and events. This type of art is found throughout religious histories and needle craft is always been a part of life even since medieval times.

With the improvements to manufacturing and selling today getting a vintage pillow or an extremely detailed goblen style pillow is now much more possible and likely available at a price that is close to the same as an art print completed without this technique.

If you truly want to capture the vintage style and get a classical style pillow with only stitched artwork, you should strongly consider picking up a goblen style pillow for your décor items. While there are not too many handmade style goblen pillow covers available, this technique often results in a much more resilient style pillow for your décor needs.

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