Hereke Area Rugs


Hereke is a small town in Izmit province of Turkey near Istanbul. Hereke doesn't really have an old background for rug weaving compare to other regions in Turkey but despite that Hereke area rugs are the best quality rugs among all other Turkish rugs. The first carpet workshop was established in the town in 1891 by personal request of the Ottoman Sultan of the time to produce the best quality rugs for the palace and to be given as presents to foreign diplomats, this is the reason why Hereke area rugs are the best among all other Turkish rugs. Compare to other Turkish rugs, Hereke carpets do not have tribal and nomadic affects almost at all. They represent the civilized, luxury life with their mostly "circle" and "soft" patterns and ofcourse top quality, tight weaving. Geometric patterns are used very rarely on Hereke rugs and most used patterns are mountain flowers,tulips and almonds. Hereke area rugs are either woven in silk or wool and cotton. Any color could be used on Hereke carpets but navy color is the most common color. The simplest way to identify a Hereke carpet is looking for the "Hereke" sign on the edge; 

Hereke signs may be in Latin alphabet or old Ottoman alphabet depending on the age it is made and the materials used for producing the rug. Silk ones always signed in Ottoman alphabet.

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