Best Fabric for Tapestries

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The best fabrics for tapestries

When you are picking out a quality tapestry for your home has a good core piece you will often be faced with a number of choices when it comes to the best style of fabric that you can use for your tapestry. Here are some of the top fabric styles that are used in tapestries so that you can make the best decision:

Silk: in some cases silk or artificial silk is used for the creation of tapestries. These can often result in some of the most expensive tapestries you can purchase for your home but they can be quite beneficial for bringing in extra light and reflecting it off of the tapestry as well.

Cotton: cotton style tapestries have a much more subtle look and they are usually a less expensive than what you might get from a silk or synthetic silk. They can often even be machine washable but cotton doesn't always have an image that can resist extensive exposure to sunlight without fading.

Polyester: polyester and other synthetic fabrics can often be substituted for tapestries. This creates a much thicker and bolder look just perfect for displaying very vibrant colors. These types of blends are not as easy to clean but they are often a very inexpensive style of tapestry that can resist fading.

Consider some of these top fabric types when you are picking at a tapestry especially if you want one that is going to last over an extended period of time for your décor.

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