Top Design Touches for Your Office

Top design touches for your study

If you are making over a room in your home into a study or office space you may want to consider adding in a few comfortable touches that would help you to have a much more comfortable space to work in. Here are some of the top design touches for your study:

Adding in some comfort: A study doesn’t have to be a harsh and unforgiving room in any respect. The Victorian style studies for example always had some type of comfy accent chair or sofa that was perfect for a person to relax and enjoy when they needed a break or a comfortable place to read. Accenting a small reading chair with a throw pillow and a blanket can be a nice extra touch to bring in.

Accent floors: Adding in a larger area rug for the floors can be a great way that you can cut down on mess in the study and feel more comfortable as you are working. A large accent rug or even an area rug can keep a study looking more professional.

Use a desk as an accent piece: picking up a quality desk that is built out of hardwood and stained in a brighter style or in a new finish will help it become one of the main art pieces of your study. The desk shouldn't dominate the room but it can act as one of the focal points if it is a unique setup or something vintage.

Consider these amazing design touches that can make for a special study.

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