How to brighten up a downstairs bedroom

how to brighten a dark room

How to brighten up a downstairs bedroom

If you have a downstairs bedroom that only has access to one small window or no windows at all, it could be a good idea to work at brightening it up so that it can appear larger and so that you can have a space that is much more comfortable. Here are some tips on how to brighten a downstairs bedroom:

Check into lighting fixtures: picking out lighting fixtures that can really brighten up a room and shed light across the bedroom in an elegant way can be a great start. Elegant lighting fixtures may be needed especially if you don't have access to a large window for the basement.

Work on art: A large art piece or a tapestry for a basement bedroom can be another great way that you can invite the outside in. These types of artwork can be a wonderful way to bring in new colors and to brighten up a downstairs space.

Lighter linens: whether you're picking out decorative pillows or even selecting the right type of comforter that you are going to use on the bed, you may want to opt for some lighter fabrics and textiles just to add extra light and color into the room that will have very little access to light over time.

Remember some of these top ideas when you are working at brightening up any downstairs bedroom. Using these tips will make a downstairs bedroom seem much more livable.

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