Some Hints to Remove Stains out of Rugs

RED WINE: Clean with white wine and wipe with water

ANY ALCOHOLIC DRINK: Lightly wet with warm water and use 90% alcohol to clean

CHOCOLATE: Use a sponge damped with ammonia to wipe

INK: damp sponge with a mixture of water, soap and alcohol and wipe. Take care to prevent the cleaning mixture from dripping down to the reverse of the rug

EGG: Never use hot water. Wipe with an ammonia ans water mixture, failing that, use an alcohol and water mixture

BLOOD: Never use hot water. After Cleaning the stain well with a damp sponge, wipe with cold salty water. If unsuccessful, wipe again with pure white wine. If the stain is dry, brush it and clean with water containing a small amount of ammonia

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