Tips On Hanging Your Wall Tapestry

Tips on hanging your wall tapestry

Hanging up a wall tapestry is not always an easy process. There can be an ongoing debate on whether or not it's a good idea to frame your tapestry or if you may need to consider the idea of simply hang it up using just a few nails. Here are some tips to guide you in the process of hanging up a wall tapestry:

Curtain rod: you can actually use occurred rod to hang up a wall tapestry in the same way that you would a shower curtain. Using this method you will have to create some small holes in the top of the tapestry and then use a series of shower clips to line up the item along the curtain rod. Eventually you can hang the full curtain rod on the wall as an accent piece for the tapestry.

Rope style: you can use the same affect accented tapestry with a piece of rope from the hardware store. Get an attractive vintage rope and we get through the top of the tapestry hanging nails through the rope to support the tapestry at the top.

A few nails: With a view quick nails along the top of the tapestry you can quickly hang it up and present the look that you may want. Finishing nails work best for this because they can be hidden.

In a frame: for smaller style tapestries you could consider stretching it over a large frame. Often times this can be one of the most expensive options but it can present a tapestry as though it is a very large art piece.

Consider any of these top options for hanging up a wall tapestry easily!

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