How To Use Vintage Style in Your Room

Vintage style is a type of decor that's extremely sought after these days. Many people are interested in getting high quality furniture, handmade design touches and items that look as though they could be from a previous decade. The vintage look really accents a room and helps you to get a bit of nostalgia when you see the decor style. With So many people seeking out this vintage style what are some of the main staples of this type of décor?

Macramé: macramé style lighting and decor elements were always an extremely popular way to accent homes at the turn-of-the-century. This style continues to come back regularly and in vintage style it's embraced. Using macramé plant hangers or even a macramé lighting fixture could help you really get into the vintage style.

Macrame vintage home decor

Kilim rugs: A handmade Kilim rug is a wonderful way that you can accent your floor space as well as add a dash of color to your home. These unique rugs are known for their amazing quality as well as the beautiful patterns that they can create. These rugs can work hung up on walls like tapestries or used as an area rug.

Vintage home decor kilim rugs

Wood pallet: using wood pallet items or even a barn board accent wall can be a great way to introduce the vintage style into your room. Pallet style would really shows the various imperfections and the age of the wood that is used in the construction of an object. This can really help to play up the vintage style in your décor!

wooden pallet vintage home decor

Keep some of these top ideas in mind for embracing vintage style in any room.

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