How to Wash Area Rugs

As long as you have access to a professional washer it is always the best option to have your handmade rug washed by professionals since they are made with fully natural materials and dyed naturally.

If you are not able to have your rugs washed professionally and you have to wash it yourself;

* Never use hot water, use only cold water

* Use the right shampoo available in your country or area, make sure it is wool friendly and good for handmade rugs, shampoos for machine made rugs probably would not be right to use for handmade rugs

* Brush the rug with the water mixed with shampoo, you can add a bit of apple vinegar into water as well, it will make the rug shiny and keep it healthy

* Rinse it completely with cold water, make sure there is no soap left on the rug

* Hang to rug to dry, if you have a place outside that would be much better, if not make sure to have the place airy.

* Never lay the rug on the floor until it is completely dry, keep in mind damp is one of the worst enemies of handmade rugs.

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