How to Match Design Touches to Your Artwork

How to match design touches to your artwork

If you have a piece of artwork in a room that is serving as a focal point, usually a good idea to pick out some complementary design touches that you can use to really draw the eye to that art piece. Here are some excellent examples of complementing design touches that you can use with various artwork to enhance your room:

Picking similar colors: choosing similar colors for items such as throw rugs or even picking colors in the same color palette can be a great step in the right direction for really drawing the eye to your art piece. With matching colors available for your art piece on a wide selection of art and décor items, you can get the best out of your favorite art piece by making sure every other item in the room is also similarly colored.

Textures: The textures in painting for example can be mirrored very well with throw pillows and other textiles that you might use on a couch. Adding in textures such as a silk throw pillow or even a velvet style throw can really match up with the painting technique and the look of a painting. For chunkier style painting, you could consider a thicker geometrical design on a throw pillow done in cotton for example.

These are just a few of the best ways that you can match small design touches with a focal art piece throughout a room so that you can enhance the capabilities of your favorite artwork.

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