Malatya Kilim Rugs



Malatya is a province in Turkey where SouthEastern Anatolia and Central Anatolia meets. Because of its location, the Malatya province has both Middle Eastern and Anatolian influence. Turkish and Kurdish people lives together in the province. Malatya kilim rugs are one of the most precious kilim rugs of Turkey. They are always woven with high precision, materials used are very fine quality. It is easy to identify Malatya kilims by looking at the colors. Dark red, dark blue colors are almost a must in Malatya kilims and if there is also some white color on the rug, that is considered a really beautiful Malatya kilim. It is very usual to see them woven in two different parts and at the end stitched to eachother, that is why usually instead of having a central Medallion design, they have outspread patterns all over the rug.

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