Tree of Life Motifs on Kilim rugs and Area Rugs

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   Tree of life motifs are used often on Handmade kilim rugs and area rugs, let's take a close look at it and see what it represents;

Tree of life Kilim Rug

Tree of Life is a tall tree which is believed to have grown out of the center of the world, living for centuries, knowing the secrets of the world and being close to the universal powers. It is a tree which is regarded as the stairs of human journey from the underground to the sky. On some cultures, mainly in Turkish and Persian weavings they are mostly woven with seven branches which represents the seven different levels of human beings in Spiritual Islam belief "Soufism" the lowest branch represents the basic human being which is under control of his/her ego and the highest branch represents the human being who has reached the perfectness and observing the universe as a whole and one being, on some rugs the highest branch is even pictured as a single branch which represents the singularity, the photo of the rug above is a great example.

Tree of Life Kilim

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