Konya Carpets and Anatolian Rugs


   Konya, the ancient Iconium from which Paul and Barnabas fled to escape being stoned, has always been a centre for weaving. The older rugs never attained the fame of the Ghiordes an Kulahs or even that of the Pergamos or Ladiks, but they were fine rugs of warm, rich hues. They were made generally in hearth rug size, with the corners in both ends of the field cut off, forming almost two prayer niches; single flower forms on long stems extended into yhe field. The border were sometimes floral and sometimes made up of narrow stripes, and red was always the predominating colour.

antique konya rugs

   Very few of these rugs are now in the market. The modern Konya weaving is confined almost entirely to the large carpet rugs, and Smyrna firms have factories there and in the adjacent villages. The general name Anatolia covers a wide range of rugs made in Central and Western Turkey, and represent every grade and design.

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