What is Moroccan style and how can I use it in my home

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What is Moroccan style and how can I use it in my home?

Moroccan style design has become a growing movement and it is based off of Moorish or Moroccan architecture and design. These types of designs were born out of the streets of Marrakesh and a number of designers as well as a number of stores are hopping on this trend and producing of wide range of Moroccan style interior design touches. Here are some of the best items for your home that are done in the Moroccan style:

Poufs: Moroccan style furniture often involves versatile pieces which are also very easy to move and arrange. A classic style pouf for your room could be a wonderful way that you can capture this style and have a functional piece of furniture that follows the traditional vogue style of seating in this design configuration.

Lush fabrics: extremely lush fabrics for your rugs, pillows and throws are all a must when it comes to Moroccan style. Throw pillows and cushions need to be in extreme abundance and you need to use heavy cords and stitching to really accent fabrics and make them seem more exotic.

Indoor plants: large colorful pots and baskets filled with living exotic plants have always been a big part of Moroccan style. This can bring more life into your room and compliment your décor.

Consider some of these top design elements as part of your Moroccan style. Introduce these into rooms in your home to get the best out of this new design trend.

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