Persian Rugs Sarakh Carpets


   These rugs are colour signals flaunted in a host of brilliant shades by the tribesmen who were ruled by Genghis Khan and Mongol chiefs. One would think such brilliant colours could not be combined in a artistic way, but such is not the case.

   The design of these carpets is simple and somewhat crude ; a scragly pear pattern usually covers the field ; sometimes there is a medallion in the centre, but not often. Two borders complete the pattern; these contain floral forms with a broad stripe between bearing geometrical figures. Colour is everywhere rampant and glorious. It appeals to more than the sight, and somehow suggests the word “delicious.” The red in the background of the one shown iis the colour of rich blood as it flows fresh from a wound. Blue, yellow, and pink, and, even touches of green, are employed in working out the pattern, but there is no jarring note in the whole carpet

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