How to Pick an Accent Rug for Your Kitchen

How to pick an accent rug for your kitchen

Kitchens are fairly high-traffic areas within homes and in some cases it can be extremely helpful to have an accent rug or throw rug that can be a perfect fit for your kitchen. Finding an ideal rug that actually suits your kitchen and protects your floors is not always easy. Here are some tips for picking the right accent rug for your kitchen:

Check your current décor: Whether you want to tie in the look of the rug with your art, backsplash, or the color of your covers you should strongly consider a kitchen decor item that includes colors that match with the look of your kitchen and its colors quite well. A small throw rug that really ties in with the other colors in your kitchen can transform a room.

accent rug in kitchen

Pick a weave that is easy to care for: as kitchens are high-traffic areas there is also an extensive amount of room for staining. Make sure that you pick out a weave that's great for high traffic such as a flat weave. Directly Connor also quite easy to care for and a sticker style cotton rug can be easily cleaned even when it starts to show signs of stains or discoloring.

Pick something that’s comfortable: a throw rug that comfortable to stand on over an extended period can really take a lot of the strain out of tasks like doing the dishes or mixing up ingredients for a meal.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind when you are picking up the perfect accent rug for your kitchen area.

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