Silk Rugs


   There is a vast difference between the silk rugs made in Turkey and those of Persian orijin. Caesarea (sometimes spelled with a K) is the centre of the silk carpet industry in Turkey, and at one time the Governor of the Province took such  an interest in the work that he personally inspected the output of the factory and condemmned any inferior or imperfect piece. The rugs made at Caesarea are mostly prayer rugs with plain centres. There are the rugs generally peddled by Armenians. They are not specially fine and can not compare with the silk rugs woven by several rug firms at Constantinople. At the Imperial rug factory at Hereke silk rugs of great beauty are also made, and even before the new regime their output was controlled by a local rug firm and a shop for their sale opened on the Grand Rue in Pera. The silk rugs of Persian make are quite well worth study. The fineness of design and details, the  blending of colours, and the texture maket hem works of art ranking with painting as wall adornments. The silk rug in the illustration is of Persian make. Upon the softest tan or in some lights more of an ashes of roses tint, are mingled and commingled colours indescribable. Held one way the colour tone is wood brown, viewed from another point grays and blues predominate. It is a veritable chameleon.

silk persian rugs

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