Capturing the pop art style in a subtle way

Capturing the pop art style in a subtle way

If you love the pop art style but you aren't quite committed enough to invest in a huge wall mural or a selection of prized paintings, you can consider using some of these subtle décor items to capture the style in a subtle way:

Accent furniture: colorful accent furniture like an Ottoman, a pouf, a colored Accent table or even just a brightly colored chair can be a great way that you can really capture the style in a subtle way for any room.

Throw pillows: great quality throw pillows which have a pop art style mural or pattern on them can be a fun complement to an art piece that you might have in your room. Introducing some of these items in pop art can also be a huge help to complementing other styles as you start to build up layers in your designs.

Building a gallery: slowly building up a gallery of related pop art pictures and artwork is an excellent way that you can eventually fill up the wall and have a huge art display that can complement the decor style you are creating.

Accent rugs: A quality Accent rug that is done in a brightly colored pop art fashion can almost instantly transform a room in a very subtle way. These are wonderful touches you can add into a room to create the pop art style.

Keep some of these top items in mind on how you can create a pop art style in a subtle way while you're on a budget.

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