Love cats? Why not use them in a classic décor style!

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Love cats? Why not use them in a classic décor style!

If you love cats you may be very interested to know that some of your favorite animals are really starting to make a splash in the interior design world. Cats and cat prints are very quickly becoming a trend in the interior design industry. Here are some of the top ways that you can introduce cats into your décor style:

Artwork: Introducing images of your favorite cats or even some of your pets on the wall can be a wonderful way to share your love of cats.

Animal prints: introducing cat style animal prints like Tiger stripes in a blanket or art piece can be a wonderful way that you can complement some of the other pieces in your décor style. Using various cat animal prints and even paw prints as part of your décor can create a funky nearly pop art style effect.

Cat throw pillows: throw pillows with portraits of cats or paw prints are a wonderful way to reinforce this trend and get great items that can complement your décor.

Space for your own pets: Bringing in raised perches for your cats or a pouf for them to flop down in the middle of the living room can even make your own pets part of your décor temporarily! Creating a cat friendly space can be complimentary to the décor style.

Consider some of these methods and more forgetting the classic décor style of using cats.

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