What is the Best Placement for Throw Rugs in Your Home

What is the best placement for throw rugs in your home

If you are thinking about introducing some throw rugs or area rugs in high-traffic areas throughout your home, there are a number of excellent placements and configurations for throw rugs that can suit your style. Here are some of the best placements for throw rugs:

Accenting furniture: if you have your furniture spaced out in a specific seating pattern throughout the living room, placing a throw rug to accent your seating area or the space where people would have to walk in order to reach seating is usually a good place to start.

Accenting bedroom walls: accenting bedroom walls with two corner rugs as an entrance way to your bedroom is an excellent start. You can also use small area rugs to fill in spaces that transition into spots like walk in closets.

Accenting large furniture items: large furniture items such as your bed or a dining room table can often use accenting with a large area rug. Introducing one of these rugs that will fit around the base of this furniture can help you to improve the look of these rooms.

In hallways/entrance ways: hallways, entrance ways in high-traffic areas can often be the perfect areas for placement with throw rugs. They can help to improve wear on your flooring and improve the look of these areas.

Consider some of these top placement options when you are interested in purchasing throw rugs for your home. Be sure to measure out these areas so that you end up with the right size rugs.

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