Tips for Choosing Area Rugs For a Small Room

Tips for choosing area rugs for a small room

If you are picking out a rug for a smaller room or even for an apartment, you need to make sure that you can get a great rug without having to make the room feel closed off. Here are some top tips for choosing area rugs that would be best suited for small room:

Do some early measurements: Getting out a tape measure and picking out the size that will best fit inside the room is an important first step. You could pick out a blanket from the closet or even market the area with some towels to get an idea of the size that would best suit the space.

Pick vibrant colours: picking out a vibrant color will help to make sure that more light will be spread around the room. Darker colors can often make a room feel much more closed in and this can be especially bad if you have a room that small to begin with.

Consider patterns: certain patterns that you might take in an area rug could actually help a room to look much bigger.  Coupling these great patterns with beautiful colors will really help your small space seem larger.

Opt for circular: circular or oval-shaped area rugs can often be perfectly suited for smaller rooms because they do not close off corners and they often take up less space.

Consider some of these tips for picking out the best area rugs for your small room.

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