Tips On Making a Room in The Patchwork Style

Tips on making a room in the patchwork style

A number of modern interior designers are becoming inspired through patchwork style fabrics. This style of decor is on the rise. These type of patchwork fabrics can really make a statement and create a vibrant interior for any room. Here are some top elements you can include in a room if you are trying to capture the bold patchwork style:

Patchwork style pillows: rather than reupholstering an entire chair or furniture item, you could consider getting a selection of patchwork style pillows that you can put on your couch. The nice part about these pillows is that just one select part of the pattern really has to match the couch directly and they can compliment the design.

Patchwork pouf: these versatile furniture items look amazing when they are done in a patchwork style. When added in to complement pillows, you can make sure that the patchwork style decor items can make their way into the rest of a room. Poufs can be purchased in pairs and placed in the corners of her room or even as footrests for extra seating.

Patchwork carpet: A patchwork style carpet will instantly command attention in any room. Floor carpets that are done in a patchwork style look amazing in hallways or as an accent piece in a kitchen or living room.

This bold style is here to stay and these are just a few of the best items that you can get your hands on to start following the patchwork style in your own home.

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