Turkish Kula Rugs


  The old cities of Kulah and Ghiordes were near neighbours, and there is an interchange of design and ideas ; so that it is exceedingly difficult to locate some rare pieces. The niche in the Kulah prayer rug is not so high and sharply defined as in the Ghiordes, nor has it the zigzag outline of the Ghiordes niche. In place of the wide central border stripe a number of narrow ones usually make up the Kulah border, though sometimes a broad stripe occours ; when it does, it is more frequently filled with small figures repeated horizontally in rows than the floral design employed in the Ghiordes border. Alternating narrow border stripes, one dark and one light, carrying a succession of small designs, a sort of fleck pattern, are reckoned a distinctive Kulah mark. It is also copied in the Ghiordes rug, so one can not safely classify a rug by this mark alone.

   Blue is a favourite colour for the ground of these rugs, but a soft shane of golden brown is so much employed that it might almost be called a Kulah brown.

   The two flower-like columns, so often sen in the Ghiordes rugs, must be set down as essentially of Kulah origin. Light blues, soft yellowish tans, greens, black, and faint pinks are the colours found in combination in the floral columns in this rug. The field above the niche on either end has a ground of light blue which is continued down, forming another narrow border on the sides of the field. The white serrated pattern also becomes a zigzag border on a tan ground.

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