Tips for Your Vintage Bedroom

vintage style decor

Tips for your vintage bedroom:

If you have decided that it's time to create a vintage look for your bedroom, there are many decor elements that you can start with to build up the bedroom that will help you to capture the perfect vintage style. Here are some top ideas that you can use for creating a beautiful vintage bedroom:

Restaining your furniture: if you have an older piece of furniture or even a great piece that you can find at a garage door were vintage store you could consider re-staining it in a different vintage color. Powder blue stain or another type of vibrant color could be all that you need to transform your favorite furniture into a vintage style.

Introduce some vintage throw pillows: Some lighter colored throw pillows that include rust or even teal style colors can be another accent piece that you could introduce with your bed or with any reading the chair to improve the look of your vintage style over time. Vintage patterns like an older style floral pattern can also be a beautiful way that you can showcase your style and add a very artistic look to your bed.

Baby Blue vintage style throw pillow

At a focal point: bringing in an item such as a tapestry with a vintage style photo or even adding in an item that you might find like a vintage style globe, can create a focal point for your theme and an item that anyone walking into your bedroom is sure to notice almost immediately.

Keep some of these top tips in mind if you are interested in working towards a complete vintage bedroom design.


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