What Should Be Included in Country Décor

Country Decor

What should be included in country décor?

A country styled room has long been a favorite touch for many designers. If you are on the hunt for country inspired décor there are a number of potential items that you could include in your design:

Western style tapestries: lighter colored tapestries which show a Western-style theme or lighter mesa inspired colors could be a perfect accent for your country décor. These items are ideal for creating a real focal piece in any room. They are easy to hang and they last for a long time especially when they start to get a bit sun faded. This only adds to the authenticity of the look.

Barn board style furniture: Barn board furniture improves the country look because of the extreme the resilient furniture as well as something that looks as though it belongs in a country home. As if the potential farmer or rancher pulled the boards from the barn and made a furniture piece or accent wall, you can get the same look even in the city.

Kilim rugs: Large area rugs are always a staple in many country homes. A Kilim rug is ideal because it's handmade and created using specialty materials. With a high-quality materials included in these rugs you can enjoy them for generations as well as include them in your décor pieces for a touch of color in every room.

Cross stitch art: cross stitch art is a staple that you might find in many farm homes. Cross stitch has also become a very popular way to create and display art for country décor pieces too!

Keep some of these top ideas in mind for building up country décor in a room of your home or building an entire country home!

Kilim Rug Country Decor

Photo from; https://www.futuristarchitecture.com/10955-cabin-style-decors.html

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