What Is A Kilim Rug?

Kilim is a Turkish word used to adress the flatweave rugs, although it is a Turkish word it is now globally used to adress the flatweaves. "Kelim" word is also used in some parts of the world. Despite the kilim word is spreaded to world from Turkish it actually entered Turkish language from old Persian word gilim and Persian language adopted this word from ancient Greek word kálymma κάλυμμα which means "cover"

Basically kilim rugs are made by weaving horizontal wefts on vertical warps on a loom;

Kilim Weaving Technique Weft on Warps

Many different kinds of weft weaving techniques are used to make a kilim all over the world but it is always weft on warp and no matter what kind of weft weaving is used it is always called kilim. This is the general word to adress all kind of handwoven flatweaves but ofcourse it splits to different branches as the weaving technique changes, such as; Tulu Kilims, Soumak Kilims, Jijim kilims and so on.

Mainly used materials on kilims are wool and cotton, mostly wool wefts woven on wool or cotton warps, sometimes they could be woven with cotton wefts on cotton warps as well but it is not very common, also silk can be used to weave kilim rugs but it is very rare.

what is a kilim rug

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  • Atalay Yilmaz (admin) on

    Yes Rachael kilim is originally a Greek word, i completely understand you, i was shocked as well when i first learned it but when you search the history it makes sense, Greeks were really influencial back in the history plus Persia was conquored by the Alexander i guess that is probably the time that kilim word entered The Persian language

  • Racheal on

    So the kilim word is actually Greek? That is something i would never expect i always thought it is a Turkic or old Persian word

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