How Can You Care For Kilim Rugs and Area Rugs

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If you have a Kilim area rug you may be extremely stuck on how you can regularly care for this décor item and what you might need to do to actually keep it clean and functional for many generations to come. The good news is that Kilim rugs can often last over many decades but they do require some special care and cleaning especially if they are handcrafted. If you have any questions about Kilims and how to clean them check out this small list of care tips below:

Using the vacuum: using the vacuum on your area rug is not a problem but it is important to make sure that if your rug has some extremely caked on dirt or mud that you consider hanging up outside and removing some of this mud manually. Having large stones and granules that get scraped into the fibers of the rug can actually discolor them and damage them.

Handwashing: Kilim rugs should never be placed into a washing machine and you should never soak your Kilim. The easiest way to actually clean off specific stains or wash your Kilim rug is with the help of plain soap and water. Aggressive detergents or bleach will discolor some of these rugs. Use specialty carpet shampoo or a natural soap with your Kilim for handwashing. Make sure that you spend time trying it out flat outside to avoid colors bleeding.

Treating stains: first stains it's extremely important that you absorb all of the liquid on the rug with a towel or paper towel. Start soaking the stain with wet and clear water until it becomes diluted and work it gradually absorbing the moisture. Do not use harmful spot treatments or bleach to immediately treat a stain as this can discolor a Kilim rug.

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