1913 dated Majidiyah Ghiordes rug

1913 dated Majidiyah Ghiordes rug


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This Majidiyah Ghiordes rug is a masterpiece with it's high quality weaving and extra ordinary design. Majidiyah Ghiordes rugs are made after the special request of Ottoman Sultan Abdulmajid(rug got the name from the Sultan) to be given as gifts to European diplomats and that is why these Majidiyah rugs are made for the European taste rather than Typical Turkish style. The floral center part of the rug and European patterns all over the rug is a proof of that. These rugs were produced in very limited numbers and it is very hard to find one today due to their rarity. Even thou on late 1980's some weavers tried to remake these Majidiyah rugs, they were just unsuccesful copies of these original Majidiyah Ghiordes rugs made in Ottoman era.

This specific Majidiyah Ghiordes carpet we are offering you here has a speciality among all other Majidiyah rugs. This one has a date! This is one of the oldest and propably the only one signed Majidiyah rug in the world. After a long research all over the world with different experts. This one seems to be the only "dated" Majidiyah rug in entire world. Please check the product photos to see the date sign. İt is signed in old Ottoman Alphabet which is 1331 in Islamic calender and 1331 in Islamic calender is equal to 1913 in Western Calender.

This rug is a treasure with it's age, purpose of production and rarity.

100% wool on wool and naturally dyed.

Condition of the rug is very good despite it's over hundred years old age. There is no any defect on the carpet.

51,1x82,6 inches   =   210x130 cm

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