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Antique Yugoslavian kilim rug


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Circa 1920's antique kilim rug from former Yugoslavia. Old Yugoslavian rugs are known with their super fine quality wools and weavings, it is almost impossible to see the same quality in brand new replicas made in several Balkan countries today. The design of this rug is really unique and one of a kind, it is extremely hard to find one similar Yugoslavian kilim with this design. 

100% top quality wool on wool. Super fine weaving quality.

Condition if the rug is mediocre. There is no any important defect but generally it is worn, and as you can see on the photos some parts of the sides are worn a little more compare to center of the rug. We are selling it as it is.

This is a very precious rug and it should not be used on rooms which have lots of "walking traffic". It is as thin as a textile fabric due to its tight and top quality weaving&wool. It would be a great choice to use this rug as a tapestry or place it in some room which has less traffic of "steps"

71,6"x44,8" inches   =   182x114 cm

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  • I am interested in your collection "Antique Yugoslavian kilim" very much. Would you tell me this kilim in available,please? Thank you in advance. Respectfully

    Hello, sure the kilim is available at the moment, just click on "add to cart" and then click on the cart on right top corner of the website and then check out. By the way we are on great sale now. The Yugoslavian kilim was normally $1299  and now it is only $779.40 for a short period of time so if you are interested in this rug it is the perfect time to buy it :)