About Us


We have been in handmade, authentic rug business for three generations since 1967 in Istanbul/Turkey. We are dealing with only handmade rugs from all around the world such as Persian rugs,Turkoman rugs,Afghan rugs, Caucasian rugs but we are primarily specialized in Turkish rugs.

We sell only hand knotted(pile rugs) and hand woven(flat woven aka "kilim") rugs that are produced with traditional ways as exactly as they produced thousands of years ago. None of our rugs are machine made, or  hand tufted(rugs made with hand-held machines. "hand tufted" title misleads people to think these rugs are also handmade but in reality they are just another type of machine made rugs) All of our rugs are made only with organic materials such as wool, cotton, goat hair and silk. Rugs made with synthetic materials can be harmful to your health, many of them contain toxic elements. Unlike synthetic rugs, organic handmade rugs do not cause any threat to your health. We believe this is one of the important reasons why one should have handmade&organic rugs in their homes and offices besides their beauty and artistic value.

Most of our area rugs are vintage or antique. we pick our rugs with precision from all around Turkey and even sometimes from neighbouring countries.

Our philosophy is to always remember that we are not only selling decorative floorings but handcrafts which represents the ancient cultures of their regions and feelings of their crafters. Remembering that always keeps us passionate,responsible and honest in our business.


Area rugs and kilims

First let me introduce you my grandfather since the story begins with him. His name is Selim Yılmaz, he was born in 1938 in former Yugoslavia to ethnic Turkish parents, in 1967 he migrated to Istanbul/Turkey where his story with rugs started. Only few days after his migration, he started working in a rug shop as salesman. From the day he started working in that shop he fell in love with authentic rugs and he dedicated himself to learn all about handmade rugs. After a short period of time, he quit his job and founded his personal company in 1967. He began travelling all around Turkey and even Bulgaria and Yugoslavia to find authentic area rugs to sell to rug shops in famous Grand Bazzaar in Istanbul. Basically he was a whole seller to rug shops in Grand Bazaar and those shops sold the rugs to consumers. Since dealing with area rugs for almost 50 years he is now an expert on handmade rugs and he built addiction to them, He could identify the rarest rugs easily with his half century long experience, i even witnessed people bringing some rare rugs from overseas just to let him identify the unknown background of the rugs. I am very lucky to have him as my master.

Now let me introduce myself; My name is Atalay Yılmaz, i was born in Istanbul/Turkey in 1988 i graduated from the history major in 2009 and that is the year my grandfather introduced me to the world of area rugs. I began working with him full time and he has been teaching all his knowledge,experience and connections to me

I always had a thought of opening an online rug store and presenting our collection directly to consumers from all around the world and on February 2015 our website "Bosphorus Rugs" was published.