7x10 Balkan Kilim Clearence

7x10 Balkan Kilim Clearence


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Vintage red colour Balkan kilim rug with great discounted price

wool wefts on cotton warps. Top quality, thin wool fibers.

6,7'x9,8' feet   =   205x300 cm

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  • Hello, so this rug is in very good condition? And clean?? And doesn't smell? (Sorry, just curious bc I once purchased a used rug and it had a horrible smell ?) lol. Thanks!

    The rug doesn't smell and it is clean, all our rugs are professionaly washed. I can't say it is in perfect condition, it is a rug over 70 years old and yes considering its age it is in very good condition but you should not expect a brand new condition from an antique rug and that is what makes them beautiful and unique

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