Ceramic Decorative Crescent SCR-005

Ceramic Decorative Crescent SCR-005

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Handmade and hand painted ceramic decorative crescent made in globally famous ceramic center Kutahya city of Turkey

Diameter: 24 cm = 9,4" inches

Depth: 6 cm = 2,3" inch

* Fully handmade with 100% organic ceramic clay and fired(cooked) in 950°C then hand painted with patience and precision by expert craftsmen, after painting process it is fired once again in 1050°C

The product will be made customly after being ordered, therefore please allow for maximum 10 days of production time.

It will be packaged solid and suitable for international shipping to prevent it being broken during shipment.

You can watch the videos below to see how Turkish ceramics are made and how they are painted;




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