6,7'x9,8' ft. Vintage Worn Khotan Rug

6,7'x9,8' ft. Vintage Worn Khotan Rug


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Circa 1950's vintage worn Khotan area rug. Khotan is a city in far North Western China in the province of Xingjiang which is originally inhabited by the Uyghur ethnic group which are member of the Turkic family. The region was independent for centuries but it was always neighbour with Chinese dynasties and it was culturally effected by Chinese culture as well as the other neighbouring regions. The region is like a center between Middle east, Far east, South Asia and Eurasian steppes so the region combines all these surrounding cultures and it is very obvious to see on the rugs made in the region. Khotan rugs have signs of all other rugs from the surrounding regions therefore they are really beautiful and unique rugs

Wool on cotton

6,7'x9,8' feet   =   205x300 cm

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