2,8 x 8,8 feet Turkish Runner Kilim Rug

2,8 x 8,8 feet Turkish Runner Kilim Rug


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Vintage Turkish runner kilim rug with lovely colours and geometric design, southwestern style decor

wool on wool

2,8'x8,8' feet   =   88x270 cm

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  • Found a vintage Turkish runner kilim rug that i would like to purchase but would like to know how I should clean this rug ? I have two small children at home and they will be crawling on it. Thanks !

    Since it is an handmade rug with natural dyes it is best to have it professionally washed by rug cleaning companies once in a while, maybe once a year or once every 6 months it depends, This is the best way for general cleaning, if there is a specific part you need to clean for example some food spilled on the rug then you can simply wipe it with a cloth pouring some vinegar on it. Vinegar would clean the dirt and it never harms the rugs fibers it actually even makes it healthier

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