Goat Hair Shaggy Siirt Kilim Rug also known as Siirt Blanket $99

Goat Hair Shaggy Siirt Kilim Rug also known as Siirt Blanket $99


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Vintage shaggy Turkish kilim rug from Siirt district of Southeastern Turkey. These kilims are also known as Siirt blankets because they were used also as blankets or beds in the region.

Siirt kilims are made of undyed goat hairs on cotton warps. The colors on the kilim are natural hair colors of the local goats.

This is a prayer rug made for Islamic prayer purpose, you can see the "mihrab" design on the rug which is an Islamic motif pointing the praying direction. This Siirt Kilim is actively used  for prayer purpose by the previous owner, we can see that from the condition of the rug. If you look closely to the last photo you can see that there are two circle points right on the center of the rug which are worn (less hair) that caused by the knees of the praying person, because in Islamic prayer one sits on the knees at least two times during a prayer and that prayer is made minimum five times a day. From the worn we see on the knee point on this rug we can assume that the previous owner of this rug was a very religious person and he/she used this kilim a lot on the prayers maybe for decades. It is an interesting information to know. Experiences of an old rug always takes my attention, in my opinion it is very cool to see rugs had unique experiences like this one

45,2'x28,7' inches = 115x73 cm

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