Orange Handcrafted Wool Turkish Area Rug with Great Price

Orange Handcrafted Wool Turkish Area Rug with Great Price


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Vintage Turkish "Sparta" Carpet from Western Turkey with great orange tones. If you look carefully that one side of the rug is darker compared to rest of the rug, there is a color shift from orange to very light red or darker orange. That style is called "abrash" in Oriental area rugs.

It is a very decorative rug with its lovely color and continious, borderless design. These rugs were produced in 1970's and 1980's and they were very popular by then as brand new rugs. Their stlyle were different compared to other Turkish traditional rugs, they were reflecting the modernization of the life style, technology was getting into our lives like it never did before and Turkish women replaced their old rugs which inherited from their mothers and grandmothers with brand new Sparta rugs which where much modern looking compared to other Turkish carpets with their much flamboyant colors and less detailed plain designs. 

After 1990's Turkish women mostly prefferred machine made rugs sadly and these Sparta rugs shared the same destiny with the older traditional Turkish rugs which they had replaced before. They got packed and kept in the closets or sold to rug dealers.

Replacing the traditional and handmade, organic products with mass produced, inorganic ones was a trend on late 1980's and 1990's until 2000's, that was a global trend all over the world, eventually on 2000's we realized how that trend threatened our healths and we are slowly making better choices and turning back to organic products thankfully.

Once upon a time Sparta rugs were popular being modern and new rugs of the time since it was the demand of people during that years but now they are not "new" anymore, they are almost half century aged vintage rugs, luckily there are many people now days who are demanding and appreciating handmade vintage rugs which are all unique works of art.

This specific Sparta rug we are selling is also waiting to be sold to its new owner who will appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of this 40 years old vintage handmade rug

The carpet is wool on cotton

There is no any hole or cut on the rug

80'x39,3' inches = 203x100 cm

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