Red Persian wool carpet

Red Persian wool carpet


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Vintage red Persian wool carpet

wool on cotton

Condition of the rug is very good, there is no any defect on it

62,9x43,3 inches   =   160x110 cm

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  • Is this a used rug? If so, is it considered as a semi-antique rug? When and where in Persia was it made?

    Yes it is a used rug but not all used rugs are necessarily antique or semi antique. Technically for an item to be considered antique it must be minimum 100 years old but aging is not enough, it must be unique, rare and in good condition. This rug is handmade, it is unique and good quality but it is not 100 years old it is probably made in 1970's so it can be considered a semi antique yes but more common used description is "vintage" it is a Persian, Lilihan rug

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