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1940's Vintage kilim rug from former Yugoslavia. These rugs are known as "pirot" rugs or "sharkoy" rugs and they are sold as Turkish rugs by many dealers because of the marketable name of "Turkish" title in handmade rug business. Although they are not Turkish rugs, it doesn't mean they dont have connection with Turkish rugs. Pirot kilims are highly influinced by Turkish kilims and Turkish culture. Balkan peninsula was part of the Turkish empire (Ottoman) for almost 6 century long and just like many other rug types pirot kilims was made for the taste of Turkish customers of that time, because since being the capital and biggest commercial center of the empire, Istanbul was the city that these Pirot rugs were sent to sell so the rugs were made in a way that Turkish buyers would like to have.

Pirot kilims are known with their extremely fine quality weaving and materials. The wool is so soft and weaving is so tight and thin which almost looks like a fabric rather than rug. Normally kilims that woven so tightly tends to be very rough almost like a paper board but because of the extreme quality of materials and weaving, Pirot kilims are perfectly soft.

This pirot kilim is %100 wool on wool. Pirot kilims divides into 2 different qualities. Some of them woven with wool on cotton warps. That is common for the pirot kilims made after second half of the 20th century and they are considered to be less quality. In the other hand there are pirots rugs woven with pure wool on wool and they are mostly made in the beginning of 20th century even 19th century and they are considered to be the top quality.

Very high quality weaving, thin and tight.

Condition of the rug is good but not perfect since it is more than 70 years old.

118"x80" inches (300x203 cm)

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