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Red Turkish Konya Carpet with Seljuk Eagle Motif


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Vintage red Turkish runner rug from Central Anatolian city "Konya" This is extra ordinary rug with its best quality materials and very rare design, it is a work of art.

Top quality, very soft hand spun wool on wool.

There is no any hole or cut on the rug. If you check the photos closely that black colored parts has lower piles compare to other parts of the rug. For some reason on wool handmade rugs black color always gets worn out earliler than other colors and it creates a lovely "layer" on the rug as it did on this one. Black parts are low and rest of the carpet has higher piles and it is beautiful. It is a great example of "perfection of imperfection"

There are two double headed eagle figures on the center of the rug as you can see on the last photo. That represents the Turkish Seljuk Empire which ruled most of the middle east for 2 centuries, the reason why that symbol knotted on this rug is because Konya city was the capital city of Seljuk Empire and since this is a "Konya" rug that symbol is woven on the carpet by the weaver.

139,7"x53,1" inches   =   355x135

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