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Vintage Red Shaggy Turkish Kilim Rug Tulu


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Vintage red  shaggy kilim rug from Eastern Europe (Balkans) made by nomadic Turks of the region.

This kind of shaggy kilims rugs are generally called "Tulu" which means "hairy" in Turkish. Tulu kilims are mostly made by the nomadic Turks of Eastern Balkans and Southern Anatolia, these two places are geographically distanced to eachother but people living in both region are connected to eachother historically. Those Nomadic Turks in Eastern Balkans are mostly migrated to the region from Southern Anatolia during the Ottoman era and we still see the historical bounds today on their almost same weavings such as kilim types and motifs.

Tulu kilim rugs are mostly woven to be used as mobile beds for the nomad shepherds during herdings. They are also woven to be used as blankets. Now days they are used on modern homes as beautiful tribal, decorative floorings.

size of the kilim rug is; 98,4'x66,9' inches   =   250x170 cm

There is a matching rug for this one, please check the following like to see the matching kilim;




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