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Special edition rare Azerbaijani kilim rug


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Circa 1960's very rare Turkish kilim rug with it's extra ordinary design and super fine quality weaving. A real work of art!

Wool on wool

Condition of the rug is almost perfect despite it's age. There is no any defect on the kilim

73,6"x56,2" inches   =   187x143 cm

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  • What do these "S" or "5" like motifs stands for?

    Some rug experts says it stands for snake to keep the snakes away from home, some says it is dragon motif and some experts says it is hook which may be representing bounds between a couple, to be realistic i think no one really knows what does it stand for and everybody makes a "romantic" explanation but i personally believe it is none of them. I think that is the tribal sign of Bayundur(Bayindir) clan of Turkish Oghuz tribes. It is actually common to see clan signs on kilim rugs and this motif must be one of them, this sign even used on Aqqoyunlu state's flag in 15th century and yes Aqqoyunlu state was established by Bayundur clan the one i just mentioned above and it must not be just a coincidence to see this S motif mostly on the kilim rugs woven in regions where the Aqqoyunlu state controlled

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