Tree of life Turkish kilim

"Tree of life"" Turkish kilim


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1890's Antique Turkish prayer rug from one of the best rug weavers city "Kayseri" in Central Anatolia

This kilim is very special with its design. As you can see there is a "tree of life" pattern on the center of rug and the tree has 7 branches. That Seven branches represents the "Seven Degree" of human being in Sufism (Islamic mysticism, Spiritual way of understanding the Islam) The lowest (first from bottom) branch represents the lowest being of human, called "Nafsi ammara" in Sufism which means "The evil commanding self" and when one praying on this rug the feet of the person steps on the lowest branch. In Sufism, each following degree represents a higher being until the last seventh degree. The seventh degree is called "Nafsi Safiyya&Kamila" which means "completed, pure self" and when a person is praying on this rug, during the prayer the person's head touches the seventh branch on the rug and that means during the prostration position in prayer the one is reaching the highest degree of being. As you can see on the photos, the top branch of the tree design on rug is "one" piece and that means if the person is on the seventh level of beings, he abandons his "Ego" and he becomes "one" with the god or universe and reaches to Singularity.

As you can see this is an extra ordinary rug with its beauty, antiquity and meaningful design.

100% wool on wool.

Condition of the rug is not good. It is generally worn and there are many ripped parts all over the rug. This is not kind of rug to use as floorings but it is best to use it as a tapestry.

35,4"x56,7" inches    =   144x90 cm

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