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Undyed Floral Turkish Kilim Rug $249


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Vintage floral Turkish kilim rug from Eastern Anatolia. Only the patterns on the kilim are woven with colored wools, rest of the kilim (brown and beige colors) is undyed, natural wool colors of the region's sheeps.

wool on wool

Condition of the rug is ok. There is no any defect.

77,1"x55,3" inches = 196x138 cm

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  • Isn't it a Karabagh kilim rug?

    No it is not a Karabagh kilim, it is a Turkish kilim rug from Eastern Anatolian city Kars but it is made with karabagh design you are correct :) people living in that Kars city has close connections with the people of karabagh and some of them even migrated from Karabagh few generations ago so it is very possible the see that influence on the kilim rugs made in Kars

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